A Woman Praying for Other Women

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There are so many women who compromise their beliefs and God’s word to get their needs met or to receive love, but all they receive in the end is false love appearing real that only produces rejection, hurt and disappointment.

I pray for women who have been used by the enemy to tear down powerful and mighty men of God, to break up marriages and to destroy families. May God turn them from Delilah to Mary – holy, set apart for God’s use, carrying the word of God and filled with the Holy Spirit.

I pray that women everywhere will change their position – from being on their backs to being on their faces – worshipping and washing the feet of Jesus with their tears.

You’re Next

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What is that thing you’ve been praying for God to do in your life and it hasn’t manifested yet?

I’m not telling you to give up or to stop believing, but change your prayer.

Pray that what you are expecting God to do for you, that He does it for someone else.

If you pray for God to do it for them, God will make sure He does it for you.

I know you’ve been watching others get the promotion or the marriage proposal or the new home and you’re wondering, When will I be next?

Although Jairus went to Jesus first and asked him to heal his daughter, he had to watch the woman with the issue of blood get what he was asking for.

What am I saying?

Don’t get discouraged if it didn’t happen for you FIRST.

Just believe that you’re NEXT!