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When God told Moses that He was sending him to bring His children out of Egypt, that was a prophetic word. That was a promise. But when Moses obeyed God and did what He told him to do, Pharaoh refused to let the children of Israel go. 

At first, Moses was discouraged. It seemed like what God said wasn’t going to come to pass. But instead of being upset with the enemy who was opposing him, he was angry with God. Why did you send me? For since I came to Pharaoh to speak in Your name, he has done evil to this people, neither have you delivered your people at all (Exodus 5:22-23).

That’s what the enemy wants us to do. He wants us to blame God for something he did. He wants us to think that what God told us to do isn’t working and that it will never work.

Had Moses not obeyed God and confronted Pharaoh and speak to him again and again, what God said would have never come to pass, but he kept speaking to that ‘mountain’ until God removed him.

I know some of you are getting a little weary, but this is not the time to quit and this is not the time to be silent.

Don’t stop speaking to whatever is trying to block you, stop you or hinder you. Continue to say what God said. If you don’t speak it, you will never see it. God has given you a mouth and wisdom (Luke 21:15). Use your mouth to create and use your heart to believe what you want to see.

You have been talking about it long enough. Now it’s time to speak to it.

For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be removed, and be cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he says shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he says (Mark 11:23).

Don’t Let Go

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I think sometimes we give up too quickly.

If we don’t get the promotion or the loan or the new home, we quickly assume that it must not be a part of God’s will or plan. And some of us don’t even try again or fight through prayer and fasting because we want everything to come easy.

Sometimes we blame the devil, but maybe it is God using your enemy. Sometimes God hardens the hearts of the supervisor or the loan officer as he did with Pharaoh. Maybe the opposition comes to see how bad you really want the thing you’ve been praying for.

Other times, we blame God, but it is the enemy at work. He is the one behind the disappointment, the hurt, and the rejection. He doesn’t want you to ever receive what Christ has already given you. The enemy already knows that He can’t stop God, but he is hoping that he can stop you. He is betting on you to give up. He is hoping that you quit. 

It is going to take a strong hand, but whatever God promised you, the enemy is going to let it go. In the meantime, he is hoping that you will let go of God and every blessing He promised, but he will be disappointed.

I know sometimes it seems like certain things will never happen for you, but don’t faint while doing good.  You can’t spend the rest of your life blaming the devil or being angry with God. Sometimes it’s not them. It’s you. It’s your disobedience. It’s your laziness.

For every no, you are about to hear a yes – if you don’t faint. But you must make up in your mind that in this season you will not let God go until He blesses you.

And he said, I will not let you go, except you bless me (Genesis 32:26).

He Would Never Hurt You

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I know what I have planned for you,” says the Lord. “I have good plans for you. I don’t plan to hurt you. I plan to give you hope and a good future” (Jeremiah 29:11).

Some years ago, I asked God, Why?

Why did YOU allow this? Why didn’t YOU stop it?

Not only did I blame God for the things that people did to me, but I blamed him for the things that I did to myself. I thought that this shouldn’t have happened and that shouldn’t have happened. I was upset and hurting.

And when I was finished speaking, God spoke.  

I would never hurt you.

I was reminded of the man who was blind from birth. It would have been one thing if he had been born with sight and then one day he lost it, but he entered the world in that condition. Sounds unfair, huh? The scriptures didn’t mention his age, but he wasn’t a child anymore.  He was now a man. Therefore, he had been in this state for a long time. I’m sure he probably thought that because he was born this way that he would always be that way.

He didn’t see Jesus, but Jesus saw him (probably begging). And as Jesus passed by, he saw a man which was blind from his birth (John 9:1). The disciples immediately thought that either the man did something bad or his parents did. Who did sin, this man or his parents, that he was born blind? They were looking for someone to blame because it had to have been someone’s fault.

But Jesus told his disciples that the man nor his parents sinned, but this was allowed so that the works of God and the power of God could be displayed. God wanted to show others what He can do. He wanted to show others what it looked like to be free.

I’m not telling you that I understand everything, or that I have things figured out, but I do know this. Even if it was my parents’ fault or my fault, God is still going to get the glory out of what I’ve been through. It doesn’t matter what that woman did or what that man did because there is a man called Jesus.

In the very near future, God is going to show others (through you and me) that what they thought was impossible is possible.  It is possible to be free from habits, addictions, sicknesses, wrong thinking and even people that you thought you could never get free from. God’s plan for you is good and people will know His goodness by what they see Him do in you. It is going to build their faith. It is going to give them hope. Some won’t believe, but some will and they are going to ask, How did it happen? And then they will know that they can be made whole, too.

The neighbors and they who before had seen him that he was blind said, Is not this he that sat and begged? Some said, This is he. Others said, He is like him. But he said, I am he. Therefore, they said to him, How were your eyes opened?

He answered and said, A man called Jesus.


[Scripture reference: John 9:1-11]

You Shall Rise Again

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There are some people who fall, but get right back up again.  Then, there are others who fall, but have a harder time getting up.  Sometimes it’s not what people have said about you that keeps you down, but what you think  about yourself that keeps you down.

In John 5, the writer tells us of a sheep market or gate in Jerusalem.  Sheep were led through this gate to the temple where they were sacrificed.  The sins of the people were placed upon the sheep to cleanse them of their sins, but right next to the gate was a pool, called Bethesda, filled with a lot of people – a great multitude – who needed to be cleansed of their sicknesses.  They were impotent, blind, halt and withered.  Some of them became a burden to others because they had to be carried, lifted and transported from one place to another.  These people were overlooked, forgotten, abandoned and rejected.  No one wanted them while they were not well.  Where were their families?  Where were their friends?

But Jesus was there.

One of the people lying at the pool was a man who had an infirmity for thirty eight years.  The scriptures didn’t tell us that he had been this way since birth, but thirty eight years was too long.  I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly  (John 10:10b).  Jesus knew how long he had been in that condition and asked him if he wanted to be made whole.  The man told Jesus, Sir, I have no man to put me in the pool  (John 5:7).  Not only was he waiting for the move of the water, but he was waiting on someone to carry him into the pool.  He sounded helpless, but he also sounded like he was blaming others for his current state.  If someone would have put me in the pool, I wouldn’t be here. I’m still sick because of them. It’s their fault.   But Jesus never asked this man about other people.  He asked a question so that the man may examine himself, not others.

Jesus didn’t say it to this man, but I believe He is telling a lot of us this:  You could have been up a long time ago.  In fact, you should have been walking by now. Don’t get me wrong.  I do believe God will carry you, but at some point He wants you to learn how to walk.  He wants you to grow up and stop feeling sorry for yourself.  Stop thinking everyone is against you.  Stop regretting what happened.  Stop living in the past.

Sometimes, just like this man, we’re waiting on a person.  We’re waiting on someone to do what God says we can do.  We’re waiting on the pastor to do it.  We’re waiting until the wife comes or the husband comes and then we’ll do.  We’re waiting until the money comes and then we’ll give.  Why don’t you give what you have now?  Why don’t you do what God has told you to do now?  If you’re not doing anything with little, why would God trust you with much?

Jesus didn’t take him by the hand and lift him up like Peter with the man who was lame from his mother’s womb (Acts 3:7).  Instead, He gave him a word.  Rise, take up your bed, and walk  (John 5:8).  The impotent man believed he would receive his healing through the water, but he received it through the word.  God doesn’t always heal or perform miracles the way we think.  We expect Him to do it one way, but He may do it another way.  What I want you to understand is this: Jesus told him to do something, the man did it and he was immediately made whole.  This man literally walked  in obedience and in faith.  Had he not obeyed the word, he would have never received his healing.  No one had to carry him anymore.

I can be so hard on myself. Sometimes I beat myself up like a drum.  Seriously.  But falling doesn’t mean failure.  I’m learning now that had I not fallen, I would have never learned how to walk.  For the last few months, I’ve been praying Psalm 51:10.  Create in me a clean heart, O God and renew a right spirit within me.   I’ve also been asking the Holy Spirit to help me move on and let go of things (and people).  Will the enemy remind you of things you did to someone or things someone did to you?  Yes, but every day I am choosing to forgive – and that includes myself.  Jesus has already made me free (Galatians 5:1), but now I must choose to walk in that freedom.  It’s a choice. 

You will recover from where you have fallen.  You are going to make it.  Time is too precious.  Don’t spend another moment living in regret, worry or anger.  This man walked for the first time in thirty eight years – and so can you!  It doesn’t matter how many times you have fallen. You’ve been lying there long enough.  Rise again.  Take up your ‘bed’.  Don’t use excuses anymore.  Don’t blame anyone for what happened to you…and walk.

For though I fall, I will rise again (Micah 7:8).


Blame, Blame, Blame

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She gave me of the tree and I ate it  (Genesis 3:12). Adam was very honest with God. He told Him what Eve did and he told Him what he did, but instead of taking responsibility for what he did, he blamed God. The woman who YOU gave to be with me.  What got Lucifer kicked out of heaven was the same thing that got Adam kicked out of the garden – pride. Pride finds fault in others and God hates it. Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall  (Proverbs 16:18).

I felt stupid. I felt used. I felt sorry for myself so I threw a pity party, but only demons came. Their names were Anger, Rage, Hurt, Disappointment, Bitterness, Retaliation, Unforgiveness, Doubt, Unbelief, Loneliness, Rejection, Suicide, Accusation, Pride, and Blame.

Blame is when you transfer responsibility from yourself to someone else. When you blame other people, it blinds you to the truth about you and the truth that I refused to admit was that I disobeyed God. I didn’t listen to Him. The truth is God warned me beforehand, but I refused to heed His warning. He is using you.  I thought God didn’t know what He was talking about. That person would never do that to me. When I think about it now, something had to have been seriously wrong with me. The Spirit of Truth was speaking to me. I know His voice. He was warning me, but I still didn’t believe Him. Instead of trusting the Truth, I put my trust in the Father of lies and now I was angry.

How did it all started? Talking to the wrong person. Be careful who you hold a conversation with. When the serpent was talking to Eve in the garden, he just wasn’t talking. He was impregnating her with words and she gave birth to doubt and unbelief. How do we know this? Had she believed God, she would have obeyed Him.

God did nothing to me, but I was angry with Him. I allowed my relationship with people to affect my relationship with God even though He wasn’t the One who hurt me. I no longer believed God’s word. I didn’t want to go to church. I didn’t want to hear scriptures, but one day God asked me, Why are you angry? If anyone should be angry, it should be Me because you disobeyed Me. You touched what I told you not to touch.


Here I was blaming God, but I really had no one to blame. God sent a word to deliver me from heartache, stress and trouble, but I chose not to trust and believe that word – and that led to trouble. I had a choice, but I chose to connect with the wrong people. I trusted the wrong people. Unfortunately, I was so angry and focused on what someone did to me that I never considered what I did to God. I deliberately disobeyed Him, I grieved the Holy Spirit and my decision not only affected me, but it affected other people – innocent people. I can talk about it now, but initially it was hard facing the truth about myself. I had to accept that what I was going through was a result of my rebellion and disobedience.

For months, the devil was tormenting me and reminding me of what this person did to me and what that person did to me and I finally told the devil, ‘No, you did this!’ You meant to harm me, but God meant it for good’. You see, the devil knows that such things as unforgiveness and strife (hidden and repressed anger) blocks the answers to our prayers. He also knows that when you allow any root of bitterness to grow, it not only troubles you, but it can contaminate and ruin the lives of many people (Hebrews 12:15).

Every day I have to choose  to forgive. Why? Because if I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me. If I don’t forgive others of their sins, my sins won’t be forgiven. There are people that I’m interceding for daily and I want them to be delivered through the cleanness of my hands (Job 22:30). Job went through a situation worse than I did yet in all that he went through, he didn’t sin nor did he charge Him foolishly (Job 1:22). In other words, He didn’t blame God nor did he accuse Him of wrongdoing. It’s impossible for God to do anything evil; no way can the Mighty One do wrong  (Job 34:12)

When you know you’ve done wrong, acknowledge it (Psalm 51:3). Accept responsibility for what YOU did.  If you want to prosper, confess and forsake your sins. Ask God to forgive you, forgive those who hurt you and forgive yourself.

Prayer: Father, forgive us for our disobedience. Forgive us for grieving your Spirit. Create in us a clean heart. Because we operated in the wrong spirit, we need you to renew a right spirit within us. Holy Spirit, help us to forget what the devil wants us to always remember. We loose and set ourselves free from bondage, hurt, disappointment, anger, grudges and self-pity. Lord, heal the brokenhearted and turn us from bitter to sweet. We receive the love of God and we choose to walk in Your love every day, in Jesus name. Amen.