Don’t Settle At the Gate

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In 2 Kings 7:3, there were four leprous men at the entrance of the gate. The scriptures didn’t state how long they settled at the gate. What I do know is that these men could have entered the gate at any time. There was no one there to stop them. A famine was in the land and they had two choices: die in their condition OR go through the gate and ‘possibly’ die. The only thing that was holding them back was fear, but once they decided to do something they had never done before, they realized that things were better on the other side. 

I do believe in the power of prayer, but some of our situations don’t need prayer – it needs a decision. Today, make up your mind about what it is that you want and MOVE! You will never know what your life could be like if you settle at the gate.

Don’t Give Up

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In Luke 18:1-8, Jesus told his disciples a parable to illustrate the need to always pray and not give up.

There was a widow who had been wronged by her adversary. She didn’t pray against her adversary and she wasn’t seeking revenge. All she wanted was justice. She needed help, but it seemed like the odds were against her. First of all, she was a woman and at that time women were not supposed to plead their case in court. Secondly, her husband died and there was no mention of a son. Lastly, she had no money, which meant she couldn’t afford an attorney, but she didn’t allow any of these things to keep her from going to court and asking for help. She teaches us that you can’t be afraid to ask for what you want.

The judge was an unjust man. He didn’t care who she was or if she was poor. He didn’t care about her and he didn’t care about God. The bible says that for a while he would not try her case, but she refused to be discouraged and give up. The reason she kept going back to the judge was because she believed that she would receive. Too often, we give up before we get our answer. When people stop praying, it’s because they stopped believing. Don’t stop praying because nothing has happened yet. Even in the delay, you must believe that God heard you and that you already have what you prayed for. God doesn’t have a hearing problem. We just have a believing problem. Be honest with God and ask Him to help your unbelief.

God wants us to come to Him the same way the widow continually went to the judge. Don’t take ‘No’ for an answer. The promises of God are ‘Yes’ and Amen. When the judge saw this widow’s faith, he had to honor her request. She didn’t have money, but she had faith. The woman with the issue of blood initially had money, but no faith. She spent all her money trying to get her healing. In the end, she got her healing, but it was by faith. Everything you are asking God for can only be received by your faith. Faith will get you what you couldn’t get on your own.

 If this widow’s faith could move an unjust judge to work on her behalf, how much more will your faith move a just Judge? God wants to see your faith. You are asking God for things, but God is watching to see how bad you want it. Show Him your faith.

This widow could have sat around and feel sorry for herself, but instead she got up every day and she spoke until something happened. Don’t mourn any longer over what was done to you in the past. This is the year that God will vindicate His people speedily. Plead your case before God and He will settle it. Whatever the thief stole in 2013, he will repay sevenfold in 2014. God is going to make every wrong right and you will see total restoration this year.