Living Single Part II

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I watched a video the other day. I apologize that I’m unable to tell you the name of the man that responded to the above question, but I thought this was worth sharing.

Question: Why is it important to wait until marriage to have sex?

Answer: One day, I was looking at perfume bottles that were on the counter at the mall. Two labels were placed on those bottles. The bottles on top of the counter read ‘tester’ and ‘not for sale’. Anyone passing by could touch these bottles.

But the bottles that were for sale were in the display case. You could look at these bottles, but you couldn’t touch them. The reason why they were behind the counter was because the unwrapping of them was only for the people that were willing to pay the price.

When we don’t save ourselves for marriage, we become only testers and testers soon become empty after being used so many times.

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