Who Cares?

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care: look after and provide for the needs of others; to be concerned; to make provision

As I watched TV over the weekend, I saw people being saved and rescued during Hurricane Florence. Everyone made themselves available. These were different groups of people. Rescue teams. Police officers. EMS. Volunteers. Hospital employees. Line crew. Some of the people who came to help those in the Carolinas were from different states. Neighbors checked on one another (and I don’t mean the person who lives near you). Shelter, food and clothing were provided.

Everyone didn’t know each other, but they helped one another. No one cared about their race, education or religion. No one cared if they were a Republican or a Democrat. They thought more of others than they did themselves. They gave their time. They put themselves in danger to save someone else from danger.

I read where sixteen people – strangers – across the United States donated money to help a woman from South Carolina evacuate with her seven rescue dogs. Even though this woman already has a vehicle with over 200,000 miles on it, she feared breaking down on the side of the road. The initial plan was to purchase a vehicle for this woman, but when that fell through, someone suggested renting a van. Because they came together with a common goal without strife or division, this woman was able to evacuate to her family in Tennessee and not abandon her dogs.

It made me think about the early church in Acts 2:45 and how believers should be today. They didn’t look at the things they possessed as being their own, but they knew it belonged to God. They had what others needed. No one said, ‘What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is yours’. Because they shared and gave what they had, no one had need of anything because their needs were met.

Some years ago, I quit my job without having another job to go to. I was unemployed for seven months. And one day, each member of the church I attend, became a blessing to me – a financial blessing. It wasn’t just adults. Children gave, too. And no one made me feel bad or ashamed about the poor choice I made. I wasn’t overlooked. I wasn’t forgotten. God saw me and He showed me (through them) how much He loved me – mistakes and all. What a display of love and compassion!

That’s what the world needs. Not everyone needs our money. Some people just need to be shown love. Some people need to know that God does care.  Some people just need to see this Jesus that we preach.

Who cares?

We should.

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