Put Your Trust in the Word

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In Psalm 119, the psalmist had a lot of challenges and opposition. It wasn’t easy. He was persecuted without a cause, robbed, lied on, spoken against and his enemies dug a pit for him. They wanted him to fall. They wanted him to fail, but in spite of everything he was going through, he still told the Lord, I trust in Your word  (v 42).

When you abide in the word of God, you learn the God of the word. The psalmist had a relationship with God. He knew who He was. Despite the bad things that were happening to him, he still told God, You are good and You do good  (v 68). No matter what his enemies were trying to do to him, he believed that God was going to cause it to work for him. He knew that God didn’t lie. Your word is true from the beginning (v 160). His word is not just pure, but it is very pure (v 140). No one will ever find any mistakes, flaw or fault in it. It will never change, fail or disappoint. The word was tested and the test proved that the word was true.

The more I read this psalm, the more hopeful I became because this man of God refused to quit. He refused to believe that God had forsaken him. He refused to believe that his enemies had triumphed over him. You through your commandments have made me wiser than my enemies (v 98). He was determined to obey God until the end (v 112).

The psalmist didn’t go to people to be strengthened and encouraged. He went to the word. When he was afflicted, he found comfort in the word (v 50). The word gives great peace to those who love it (v 165). This man didn’t have a bible app on his phone, he didn’t have different versions of the bible nor did he have all sixty six books of the bible. He had fewer scriptures than what we have today yet he trusted God more than some of us.

Do you remember when Jesus told the man who had an infirmity for 38 years to take up his bed and walk? The Jews were angry with Jesus because He broke the Sabbath (even though He wasn’t the one who carried the bed). It is the Sabbath day. It is not lawful for you to carry your bed  (John 5:10). They didn’t like that this man carried his bed, but what they shouldn’t have liked was the fact that he was carrying a sickness. For 38 years, he was carrying a burden and a weight and none of them cared. Maybe it was unlawful for them to work on the Sabbath, but Jesus told the Jews, My Father is always working  (John 5:17, NLT). From the time of your birth until now, God has been taking care of you and He is working on your behalf. Out of all the people who were at the pool that day (impotent, blind, halt, and withered), Jesus only went to that one man – and He has come for you. I am come that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly  (10:10b). If He established the earth and it stands (v 90), then you shall stand also. His word will not fail concerning you.

Maybe you’re not carrying a sickness, but you might be carrying unbelief or doubt or unforgivness. God wants you healed and whole. All you need is one word from the Lord. Start with one scripture. Hide it in your heart. Meditate on it. Declare it with your mouth everyday. Keep hearing it and hearing it until faith comes. Just as the word is settled in heaven, it will become settled in your hearts and minds. Don’t be like the Israelites who, after all that the Lord had done for them, still refused to trust Him, but follow the example of the psalmist: Don’t forget God’s word (v 16), don’t stop speaking the word (v 172), and walk in HIS ways, which is His word (v 3).

If you’re going to put your trust in anything, put your trust in the word.

Prayer: Forgive us for not trusting You. Forgive us for choosing to believe a lie rather than the truth. I command every lie, thought and seed that the devil planted to be uprooted now out of our hearts, minds and souls. I bind and rebuke unbelief and doubt and I loose great faith in Jesus’ name. We really don’t have a reason not to trust You, Lord, but restore what we lost through hurt and disappointment. Restore our souls. Restore our trust in You. Restore hope. Restore the joy of our salvation. Father, make us rooted and grounded in Your word and in Your love. Amen.

2 thoughts on “Put Your Trust in the Word

    Sheena Ford said:
    February 17, 2016 at 11:10 pm

    This really blessed my soul,It ministered to me in so many ways. God Bless You,Keep them coming:)…
    Love You!


      themeonnblog responded:
      February 17, 2016 at 11:23 pm

      God bless you…and thank you for reading.

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