Go Forward

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And the Lord said unto Moses, Wherefore criest thou unto me? Speak unto the children of Israel, that they go forward (Exodus 14:15)

God promised to bring the children of Israel out. I am come down to deliver them out of the hand of the Egyptians and to bring them up out of that land unto a good land and a large land(Exodus 3:8). Moses’ brother told the people all the words the Lord shared with Moses, he performed signs and the people believed, but when Moses and Aaron went to Pharaoh and did what God told them to do, not only did Pharaoh tell them no, but he added more work, more labor and more burdens onto the people. Because it didn’t happen immediately, the Israelites became angry with Moses and now Moses questioned God’s plan. Why did you send me?  For since I came to Pharaoh to speak in Your name, he has done evil to this people; neither have You delivered Your people at all  (Exodus 5:22b-23).

God saw the Israelites as His son and His firstborn (Exodus 4:22) and because Pharaoh refused to let His firstborn go, God killed Pharaoh’s firstborn. Moses didn’t have to ask him again to let God’s people go, but Pharaoh soon came to his senses. He thought about what took place. When he realized that he lost souls, that he lost control over God’s people and that he could no longer use them as he wished, he asked, “What have we done? Why did we let Israel go from serving us?” Pharaoh then got his chariot ready and pursued them. The enemy said, I will pursue, I will overtake, I will divide the spoil; my lust shall be satisfied upon them; I will draw my sword, my hand shall destroy them  (Exodus 15:9). When the children of Israel saw the Egyptians marching after them, they were very afraid and began to doubt what God promised them. Didn’t we tell you in Egypt to leave us alone so that we may serve them? For it had been better for us to serve the Egyptians, than that we should die in the wilderness  (Exodus 14:12).

God can deliver you, but the deliverance process is like giving birth. And men, you don’t have to be pregnant to understand what I’m about to say. During the delivery process or during the birth of a NEWborn, if you can get the head out first, you can get the rest of the body out. Most of our battles are in the mind. You have to remember that these people thought and believed a certain way for over 400 years. Be not conformed to this world, but you be transformed by the renewing of your mind  (Romans 12:2). To transform means to change from one substance into another. To transform into something new  means you have to lose something old  (ways, behavior or thinking). Renew your mind every day (not every week or every month) with the word because the word is able to transform your mind. It is also able to clean your mind.  Now you are clean through the word which I have spoken unto you  (John 15:3).

The devil has been controlling some of our minds for so long and when he controls your mind, he controls what you do, think or say. It always starts with a thought, but God doesn’t want you to be captive (enslaved, kept in a prison/cage or under sin) to Satan anymore. We know how to please the devil and our flesh, but the Holy Spirit wants to teach us how to please God. God doesn’t want to bring you out of Egypt with Egypt still inside of you. That’s not total deliverance. That’s partial deliverance and God never leaves anything undone or incomplete. Deliverance is a good work and He will complete the good work He began in you.

God is not a man that he should lie, neither the son of man that he should repent: hath he said, and shall he not do it? or hath he spoken, and shall he not make it good?  (Numbers 23:19).

I know you get tired of the preacher telling you every year, ‘You’re coming out’, but don’t get tired of hearing it. Start believing it. If God is repeating Himself, it is because you forgot what He said or you stopped believing Him along the way. Keep your mind on what He said and do what He tells you to do. Let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind  (Romans 14:5). Make up in your own mind that no matter what, you are going to believe God. The word of God is the mind of God. Let this mind be in you.

The devil waits until you’re at the edge of the Red Sea, at the edge of your miracle, at the edge of your deliverance to bring fear, doubt and frustration. His job is to tempt you to give up before the miracle or before the deliverance, but the Lord is fighting for you and you are coming out because He is the One who is bringing you out! My prayer for you in 2016 is that you don’t go backward (Exodus 14:12) or go around the same mountain (Deuteronomy 2:3), but that you go forward (Exodus 14:15) – in the Lord!

Happy New Year!!!

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