You Will Not Be Disappointed

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These were words God gave to me and I wanted to encourage you with those same words.

Jesus told the disciples not to rejoice over this, but I just want to remind you that the spirits are subject to you (Luke 10:20). They must obey you. It doesn’t matter how stubborn that mountain is in your life. Jesus told you to say to that mountain, “Be thou removed and be cast into the sea”. If you believe what you say and don’t doubt in your heart, you shall have what you say. My word is like fire. Fire just doesn’t consume, but it drives things out. There are some things in your life that doesn’t want to leave. It still refers to your body as its house, but your body is now the temple (house) of My Spirit so it must be forced out.

When the wicked are cut off, you shall see it (Psalm 37:34). The Israelites saw when Pharaoh’s army drowned in the sea. Your enemies will also drown in the sea, but before they drown, they will pay you back for every hurt, disappointment and pain they ever caused you. I know the thing I promised you seems impossible because no man has ever done it before, but I’ve done it before in scriptures and I will do it again. It is possible with Me.

Become like the woman with the alabaster box. Jesus knew what manner of woman she was. He knew her sins, but He didn’t turn her away and I won’t turn you away. Cry unto Me for your cries are able to reach Me. This woman washed Jesus’ feet with her tears. She touched Him. I know you thought the woman with the issue of blood was the only one who touched Jesus, but there were many others (Matthew 14:36). You’re like the woman with the issue of the blood. Maybe you haven’t spent all your money, but you’ve spent a lot of time – pretending, trying to fix it, trying to be happy and trying to make it work. You’ve been doing everything you know to do, but you’re doing it without Me.

Touch Me.  I know your sorrows (Exodus 3:7). Touch Me with your tears. Touch Me with your worship. The woman with the issue of blood wasn’t supposed to have contact with anyone. She shouldn’t have been touching anyone. Because of the condition she was in, she only felt worthy to touch His garment, but I don’t care how filthy you are or how dirty you are. I want you to touch Me. If you touch Me, I shall make you whole.

I told Abraham and Sarah they were going to have a son. I told them this because I knew I could do it. Is there anything too hard for Me? I did what I said – at the set time (Genesis 21:1-2). When the time is right, you will receive what you are believing God for, but in the meantime, don’t seek Hagar. Sometimes when people have a difficult time borrowing money from the bank, they seek assistance from one of those nonbanking financial services (I won’t call any names). It seems like a good idea. It seems like a quick fix. If your credit score is poor, they won’t turn you away, but your interest rate will be very high. Not only are you expected to pay back the amount you borrowed and the interest, but sometimes fees are added. These people don’t know you so they don’t trust you, which means you must have collateral just in case you default on your loan. When you sign the agreement, you are giving them the right to take what God gave you. That’s Hagar. If you are in a bind, Hagar will keep you bound. She doesn’t set you free from anything and she’s not giving you anything for free. Sin has wages. She may give you a temporary fix, but she doesn’t fix your problems. She only creates more problems.

Trust Me.  Listen to what I tell you and do what I tell you to do. It’s that simple. My plans for you are good. My plans won’t harm you. My plans won’t disappoint you. You’ve been disappointed, ashamed and embarrassed because you believed a lie, but I am the Truth and whoever believes in Me and trusts in Me will not be disappointed.  When I do what I promised I would do in your life, you are going to say like Sarah, “God has made me to laugh so that all that hear will laugh with me” (Genesis 21:6).

Put your hope in the Lord and your hope will not put you to shame (Psalm 38:15; Romans 5:5).

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