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There was a man with an infirmity for 38 years. He heard about the angel who would come down to the pool of Bethesda at a certain season to trouble the water. Whosoever  stepped in first after the water was troubled would be made whole of whatever disease he had. Now this man was so close. He was right there. He hadn’t been able to get into the pool, but he was at the right place for deliverance. The angel of God was there. The power of God was there. There was no need to look for another pool.

Jesus knew how long this man had been in his condition so He asked him, ‘Wilt thou be made whole’? Simply put, Do you really want to be healed?  The man never said yes or no, but his response was sort of confusing. It was almost as if he was contradicting himself. First, he told Jesus, I have no one to put me in the pool.  It sounded like he needed help, but no one was willing to help him. Then he says, But while I was coming, another stepped down before me.  So now it sounds like he could move, but he just wasn’t moving fast enough. Well, the problem wasn’t that he couldn’t move fast enough. The problem was he stopped moving. He stopped pressing. He stopped trying. He stopped doing what the Lord told him to do. Why did he stop? Why did you stop? What excuses do you have? I know you’ve said in your heart, This is too hard. Lord, I’m doing the best I can and nothing has happened yet. Just forget it. I quit!

I know we always want it to be easy, but there are some things you have to fight for. The devil doesn’t fight for something he already has so if he’s fighting you, he is fighting what belongs to you. What do you have that is worth fighting for? Are your children worth fighting for? Is your marriage worth fighting for? Is your deliverance, healing and breakthrough worth fighting for? Do you really want what God has given you?

The woman with the issue of blood waited twelve years to be healed. When she heard about Jesus (Mark 5:27), she believed  what she heard and moved based upon what she heard. She understood that healing belonged to her so she went and got her healing. We read in the scriptures about the blood issue, but we don’t know what this woman was going through in her body. The day she went to meet Jesus, it was probably a painful and difficult walk, but she didn’t allow how she felt to keep her at home. She didn’t say, I don’t feel like going to church today.  No, she pressed and she didn’t stop until she got what she needed.

Jesus was walking to Jairus’ house to heal his daughter. They were getting close, but when the woman with the issue of blood touched Jesus’ clothes, they stopped. As He was speaking with the woman, someone came to Jairus to let him know that there was no need to bother Jesus any longer. Your daughter is dead  (Luke 8:49). Jairus was probably disappointed. It’s too late. If this woman hadn’t come, Jesus would have been there by now.  Jesus didn’t forget about Jairus, but when Jairus received a bad report, he forgot about Jesus. He forgot the Word that God gave Him. Someone told Jairus that his situation was dead, but that was a lie. The Truth said it was only sleeping.

We are in a ‘whosoever’ situation. Whosoever can be anyone. No one is exempt. This is not the time to be lazy. This is not the time to give up. Some of us are on time for work, but late for church.  Be on time for church because you don’t know what time the angel will trouble the water. The man at the pool had to wait for a certain season. You don’t have to wait. Your season is the moment you believe what God said.

Jesus didn’t let the man at the pool give up. He commanded the thing that kept him impotent, powerless and unable to walk in what God called him to be. Rise, pick up your bed, and walk. He didn’t let Jairus give up either. He didn’t leave him alone, sad and disappointed. After he was told his daughter was dead, Jesus said, “Fear not, believe only and she shall be made whole”. Jesus cares for you and He is not giving up on you. Jesus didn’t want them to remain in the condition they were in and He doesn’t want you remain in the condition you’re in. God really loves us. He told me earlier this week, You can never say I didn’t give you a chance, you can never say that I love others more than I love you and you can never say I treat others better than you. There is no respect of persons with God (Romans 2:11). He wants all of us to prosper, He wants all of us to be in good health, and He wants our souls to prosper.

Don’t panic about that situation. Only believe what God has said and you shall be made whole.

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