There is a Set Time

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Exodus 9:5 – And the Lord appointed a set time, saying, Tomorrow the Lord shall do this thing in the land.

Pharaoh was their master and the Israelites were his slaves. He told them who they were and what they were going to be, but what they believed about themselves were lies. They were more than slaves. Everything they did for their master was driven by fear, not love. They didn’t know what real love was. They didn’t know what joy was. Not only were their bodies beaten, but their spirits were beaten down also. They were sad and broken.  They were mistreated. Things were stolen and kept back from them. They could only have what their master wanted them to have. They made others rich while they remained poor emotionally, financially and spiritually, but one day they cried and their cry came up to God. Not only did God hear them, but He remembered the covenant He made and He sent a deliverer (Moses).

I want you to know that God sees and knows what’s going on. You are not overlooked. Your cry has gone up before Him and He has commanded  the thing that has been making you cry to let you go.

God says, Enough is enough. He is not going to allow this thing to destroy you and it will not take you out. Every unclean spirit, curse, sickness, disappointment and burden will let you go. God has sent His word and whether it wants to or not, it will obey the word. Yes, it is stubborn and it doesn’t want to let go. Sometimes it tightens its grip to bluff you and make you think that it is not going anywhere, but it will release you and your family, too. The enemy has been using you, stealing from you and killing those who are precious to you for far too long, but his time is up.

God has determined the exact time when you will be released from your taskmaster. The very thing that has been impossible with you is not impossible with God. He is able to set you free. He can do this. Has He not done it before? Did He not set the Israelites free after being in bondage for 400 years? The woman bent over for 18 years? The man at the pool of Bethesda who had an infirmity for 38 years? The woman with an issue of blood for 12 years? We never knew the names of these people that were delivered, but the only name we needed to know was the name of the Deliverer and HIS name is Jesus. His name is the only name that matters. What you’re going through may be standing against you, telling you that it’s not going to move, but at the name of Jesus, every depression, sickness, burden, and unclean spirit will bow. It will no longer be able to stand against you. Don’t be concerned about how many years it’s been. God is not moved by your time. Your times are in His hand. All you need to know is that the time to be delivered from the hand of your enemies has come.

God told Pharaoh to let His people go so that they may fully worship Him and serve Him (Exodus 9:1). What has had you captive for years kept you from worshipping and serving God as you should. How can you love and serve God with all  your heart, soul, mind and strength when pieces of you belong to someone or something else? But God is going to set you free from the things that keep you from loving Him, obeying Him and serving Him. He is going to set you free from the things that keep you from being an effective witness for Him. He just doesn’t want us to quote the word, but He wants the word made flesh. He wants when people see us, they see the Father. It is our job to show others the Father (John 14:9).

Whatever you have been enslaved to is not going to let you go that easily, but take comfort in knowing that it will let you go – because God has commanded it to. You are the one that Jesus came for and He will set you free.

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