You Don’t Belong to Yourself

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Jesus’ mother was a peasant until she gave herself totally to God. When Mary gave birth to Jesus, the wise men gave gifts – myrrh, frankincense and gold. Her financial status changed immediately. God had to do this for her and Joseph because Herod was seeking their child to kill Him and they were going to have to flee to Egypt until Herod died. This meant that Joseph couldn’t work to provide for his family, but God always provides for His family. God took care of them. If Jesus said, ‘Take no thought for your life’, why are you worrying? Oh, I know why. Because the thing you are worrying about is the very thing you refuse to give to Him, but take no thought.

Prior to Jesus being born, there was no room in the inn, but after Jesus’ birth, people made room for Him. He was a carpenter’s son, but He never had to build a house. Jesus was always giving Himself – when he taught in the synagogue, when he cast out demons, when he healed the sick – and He never worried about what He was going to eat or where He was going to lay His head because God took care of Him.

Despite Herod sending threats and trying to place fear in Mary, she obeyed God. The writers didn’t tell us everything Mary had to go through to bring Jesus into the world. I’m sure people talked about this unmarried pregnant girl, but she didn’t listen to people. She listened to God. No one said that doing what God told her to do was going to be easy, but Mary made up in her mind that she was going to obey God.

God had a plan, but He needed a body to fulfill his plan. God chose Mary and she willingly gave her body to the Lord. God didn’t give you a body just to clothe it or to feed it. When God gave you a body, He gave you a house for Him to live in. When you give your life to Christ, your body now becomes the temple or place of the Holy Spirit. God has placed all things under Jesus’ feet and now that you are in Christ, what is under His feet is now under your feet. If you are going to give Satan a place, let that place be under your feet. Don’t give him place in your soul, mind or body because when you give him room, he is going to want to control the whole house.

When we received the gift of salvation, we were raised up with Christ and seated with Him in heavenly places. That is our place. We are citizens of heaven. We have access to heaven. When we pray, we are able to bring what is in heaven to earth. The devil is mad because you are where he used to be and now he wants to take from you what was taken from him.

I know that as an adult, you feel you can make your own decisions, but you are not your own. Everything (including your body) belongs to God. You were bought with a price so your body is not for sale. You are worth more than what you are selling yourself for. Every time you give in to the devil through sin, you give to the thief. Let me tell you something about a thief. For him to take something that doesn’t belong to him, he either has to seduce you or deceive you. Satan represents darkness, but to get you to trust him, he will transform into an angel of light. The devil has been studying us for a long time and he knows exactly who to send and what to say, but he is only using you to get what he want.

Stop giving yourself and what God has given you to the thief. Make up in your mind that you are going to give all of you to God. Make up in your mind that no matter what, you are going to obey Him. Make up in your mind that you’re going to do what He tells you to do. Nothing can stop a mind that is made up.

God has a plan, but He needs YOUR body to fulfill the plan. Let Him use you.

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