God Will Set You Up to Set You Over

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It’s like God picks the reject, the timid, the broken or the one who feel like they are the biggest sinner of all.

I just wanted to know why God would seek people who aren’t seeking Him. I wanted to know why He would trust people (like myself) with such a great call and responsibility and God told me that it isn’t me that He trust, but it is His word that He trusts. Every word and every promise that He has spoken concerning me or concerning you will not return to Him without accomplishing what it was sent out to do. God knows exactly what He is doing.

He trusts Himself.

Joseph had many brothers, but God chose him. God gave him a dream, but between the time God showed Joseph the dream and the dream manifesting, there was so much opposition. He was taken away from his family, sold into slavery, falsely accused of rape and served time in jail for a crime he didn’t commit, but these things didn’t matter. You know why? Because the bible lets us know that wherever Joseph was, God was also.

Genesis 39:2 – And the Lord was with Joseph…

Genesis 39:21 – But the Lord was with Joseph…

Genesis 39:23 – Because the Lord was with him…

The word of the Lord didn’t change just because Joseph was in a pit or in prison. Just because your circumstances may change, doesn’t mean the word of God will change. I know it seems like everything you’re going through is fighting against the dream or against the word that God gave you, but haven’t you realized by now that God will use your enemies to help build you and make you better? Don’t you remember in scripture that the more the taskmasters afflicted the Israelites, the more they multiplied and grew (Exodus 1:12)? God was taking Joseph somewhere, but before he could go there, he had to grow where God planted him.

This wasn’t about God trusting Joseph, but Joseph trusting God through all that he had been through. All God did was set him up to set him over all the land of Egypt. Yes, it’s just a setup. When people hear the word ‘setup’, they immediately think that you are talking about plotting evil against someone, but a setup also means preparation for an assigned task. No, you weren’t made to live in a pit, but God will use the pit to make you. God knows the way you should take and you will reach your destination. Not one dream or one word will fail in your life because God never fails. He is doing this for HIS good. You may change your mind because you aren’t sure if God is going to do what He said, but God hasn’t changed His mind about what He said.

He trusts Himself.

What God is building in you is good and He doesn’t want your good that He built to be evil spoken of. He doesn’t want to give you gifts, titles and positions without character. That’s why you are always being tested. On most jobs today, they don’t hire people because they said  they were qualified for the job. You must have experience and you must be tested to prove that you are qualified for the job.

You may not like what you had to go through, but thank God for the experience. Thank God for the tests. Don’t you know that there are some applicants who never got a phone call for an interview because their resume lacked work experience regarding the position they were applying for? That employer is not about to waste your time or their time, but you ought to thank God that He called you. God saw enough in you to give you a test and even when you failed the test, He allowed you to take the test again.

God knows what He made when He made you. He knows what He said about you. God knows the thoughts He thinks toward you. God didn’t give you that dream for nothing, God didn’t give you that word for nothing, and God is not giving up on you because He has qualified you for this, but be patient…It’s just a setup to set you over in life.

The Lord is with you.

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