The Word is Able to Deliver You

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Mark 5:19 – However, Jesus suffered him not, but said unto him, Go home to your friends and tell them how great things the Lord hath done for you and has had compassion on you.

There was a man who was demon-possessed for a long time (Luke 8:27). The scripture doesn’t tell us how these devils entered, but anytime you open a door to the devil through sin, you can expect good things to start disappearing in your life because the devil is a thief and he comes to steal.

This man had a home and he had friends.

Now he was homeless, naked, crying, cutting himself and living in the tombs. He lost his right mind, his family and the garment that was originally placed on him by God. What entered him drove him away from his home into the wilderness (Luke 8:29). No one knew what was wrong with him, but because He acted like an animal, they tried to tame him like an animal. They placed him in fetters and chains, which were never designed for humans. The purpose of the restraints was to keep him from hurting himself and others, but he would break them into pieces. Nothing they did could cure him. Does that sound familiar? Have you been trying different things to be healed, to be happy or to recover from something done to you in the past, but nothing you’ve tried has been able to cure you?

This man probably thought he would never be delivered because he had been in this condition for a long time, but his deliverance was on the way. Sometimes you can be in a condition for so long that you think it is normal, but it’s not. The devil knew what a great witness this man was going to be for the Lord. He knew that if Jesus won this man’s soul that this soul would in turn win many souls to Christ. The devil had a plan, but God had a plan too and He sent the Word (Jesus) to deliver this man. This reminded me of when the angel told Daniel that his words were heard and that he had come for his words, but the prince of Persia withstood him for 21 days. The devil wanted to stop his deliverance so he withstood the word, but neither the devil nor a storm could stop the Word. The Word got to the other side to meet this man and not only did He heal him, but He restored everything that this man lost through sin.

When Jesus cast out the devils that were in the man into a herd of swine, He cast them out with a word. Once the devils entered the swine, they ran violently down a steep bank into the sea and drowned. Those who fed the swine told others in the city and in the country what had happened. When these people went to see for themselves, they saw the man sitting, clothed and in his right mind, but they were afraid and asked Jesus to leave them alone.

When Jesus came to the country of the Gadarenes, He didn’t come for one or two people, but He came for the whole country (Matthew tells us there were two men possessed with devils). He came to set the captives free. He wanted to deliver and heal them all, but they asked him to leave. Maybe no one else was in the same condition as those men, but someone else needed deliverance, too. Just because no one can see your chains doesn’t mean that you’re not in chains. We all need deliverance in some area(s) of our lives. These people were looking at what they lost because this was their source of income, but the value of this one soul was worth more than two thousand pigs.

Some of us do the same thing these people did. When the word comes to us, either we don’t think anything is wrong with us or we don’t want to be delivered. Jesus wasn’t going to stay where He wasn’t wanted so He left, but as He was going back into the ship, the man who was set free wanted to follow Jesus. It wasn’t that Jesus didn’t want him to follow Him, but one of the hardest people to win to Christ are family members and friends who can only remember the ‘old’ you. Jesus told him, ‘Go home. Tell your family and friends the great things I’ve done in your life’ because some people won’t believe Him until they see Him – in His works.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in your condition – sickness, depression, sin, etc. The One who is in you is greater than what you are in. Jesus wants to make you whole. Repent of your sins so you can be healed. God can’t prosper or heal what you cover. Instead of trying to cover your sins, confess your sins and God will have mercy on you (Proverbs 28:13).

The Word wants to deliver you.

[Matthew 8:28-34; Mark 5:1-20; Luke 8:26-40]

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