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I started thinking about all the things that took place this year and I began to feel a little disappointed because nothing happened as I thought it would. I felt like the things that I did do was only a waste of time because I’m about to enter 2015 without seeing what He said He was going to do in 2014. Did God lie to me? Did God change His mind? The answer is no. It wasn’t God’s fault.

I didn’t follow His instructions.

Anytime God tells you He is going to do something for you, there is always something that you must do for Him. I started the year off well and I ran hard, but in the middle of the year, I stopped. I didn’t stop running, but I stopped running well. Yes, I did some good things, but I did some things that I shouldn’t have done and I didn’t do some things that I should have done.

God didn’t lie to me. He told me the truth. He told me what He was going to do for me, but I got weary in doing well. I didn’t stay on course. I left the truth to follow a lie.

But there’s good news…

God wants us to know that this is the end of the year, but not the end of the race. We are in still in the race. Our mistakes, failures and disobedience have not canceled the promises God made to us. He is still going to keep His promises, but we must obey Him – when we don’t feel like it, when it looks foolish and when we don’t understand why.

You are a child of God, but don’t spend these last hours of 2014 acting like a child who didn’t get everything they wanted for Christmas. If God allows you to enter into 2015, He is allowing you to enter in His grace. Five is the number of God’s grace, goodness and favor towards you. God is giving you another opportunity to do in the new year what you didn’t do in the past years. The promises of God are still for YOU.

Stop placing what’s behind you before you. It is hindering you. It keeps you from moving forward. When God forgives you, He remembers your sins no more so stop remembering what God has forgotten.

Don’t stop and don’t look back. Run to what lies ahead. Run well and do not allow anything or anyone hinder you from obeying the truth.

Happy New Year’s!!!

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