You Have to Fight!

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Last week, I cried all week. I had no desire to read the bible. When I started to pray, I stopped because I felt like God wasn’t hearing me anyway. I was tired and I wanted to call it quits.

But then I heard the Lord say, ‘You have to fight’.

Sometimes it’s a fight to get out of the bed in the morning. Sometimes it’s a fight to go to church. Sometimes it’s a fight to pray or read the word of God, but you have giant warrior angels fighting for you and all of heaven is fighting for you and you will not lose. I know you wish things could come to you easy, but God didn’t promise us ease. What He promised us was victory.

Just like the children of Israel, God has brought you out of something bad to bring you into something good, but although God says ‘I have given it to you’, you still have to fight. You see, their enemies weren’t going to just give them the land because they thought the land was theirs, but little did they know that they were just taking care of the land for someone else. They were building houses for someone else to live in. They were planting vineyards for someone else to eat the fruit from it. So do not be discouraged because the enemy is occupying in something that God says belongs to you.

It is yours, not his.

He wants you to think it is his. He fights you in hopes that you will give up. The enemy fights against what you prayed for. He fights against what God promised you, but fight back! Remind yourself of the promises God made to you. I know you want to quit, but the reason why you can’t quit is because the Holy Spirit won’t let you. The same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead will not allow you to just lay down and die. Your Father has promised you many things and you will live to see it and to enjoy it.

The reason why we sometimes get discouraged is because we stopped expecting. When Elijah prayed for rain, he expected it to rain. When he sent his servant to look toward to the sea, the servant returned to Elijah saying, ‘There is nothing’. Elijah didn’t give up just because his servant didn’t see anything. He didn’t allow what his servant said to discourage him or make him doubt. Elijah believed what he prayed and sent his servant back again. 1 Kings 18:44 tells us that at the seventh time, the servant saw a little cloud out of the sea. I know the bible made it sound easy, but it was a fight to go and look and see nothing and then go right back and look again and again and again. After a few times, you start to think that nothing is going to happen, but don’t return to God complaining to Him about what you don’t see.


Go back and look again.

One thought on “You Have to Fight!

    bdubbleyou said:
    December 23, 2014 at 3:04 pm

    Oh I love that…”God didn’t promise us EASE…He promised us VICTORY!!! This is so true…the reason that we get discouraged is because we STOP EXPECTING….OMG!!!

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