Time to Pluck Up What the Devil Planted

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pulling weeds how to get rid of weeds naturally

pluck: to destroy or pull up by the roots; to take away suddenly or by force




It doesn’t matter how many beautiful words or compliments a person has received throughout the years, they always seem to remember the negative words more than the positive words.

It seems like only yesterday, but it was eight years ago that someone called me the above names. Little did I know that those words were seeds and those seeds took root.

Whatever you choose to believe, whether it’s the truth or a lie, you give it power to grow. The enemy desires to plant words in your life to choke out the word of God, but God has given you the power to pluck up that which has been planted by the devil. Don’t allow his lies (weeds) to choke out the word of God, but use the word of God to choke out his lies.

Be careful what you name your children. Be careful what you call yourself when you’re frustrated or angry. Be careful how you address your situation. Words take on form. They become reality. Mark 11:23 tells us that if you believe what you say, then it will come to pass and you will have whatever you say.

When he was born, his family saw him and called him Achan, which means trouble. In Joshua chapter 7, Achan stole items that he was not supposed to touch and hid them. These actions brought about trouble. First, the children of Israel lost a battle. Then, he lost his inheritance. God promised him a land flowing with milk and honey, but he would never enter into that land. Finally, Achan lost his family. They didn’t steal anything, but his sins affected his whole household.

When God saw everything He made, He called it very good (Gen 1:31). No matter what evil was spoken over Achan’s life, God was able to make it very good. God was able to turn things around and He wouldn’t have had to change his name. He could have used Achan to bring trouble to his enemies instead of trouble to his family.

It doesn’t matter what name your ex called you, what your parents called you or what kids called you in school. There is no name that is above the name of Jesus and at His name, all name-calling, hurtful words and lies will bow.

Every word that was spoken against you is uprooted in the name of Jesus. Those words will die and you will live by every word that comes out of the mouth of God.

To every thing there is a season and the devil’s season is up. It is your time NOW to pluck up every lie that was planted in your heart and replace it with the truth, which is the word of God.

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