Help is Coming

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In Luke 10, there was a man who was stripped of his clothes and beaten by thieves. A priest saw the man, but passed by and crossed to the other side. A Levite saw the same man, but he also passed by on the other side. Both of these men left him for dead, but Ezekiel 16:6 tells us that when God passed by, He saw us polluted in our own blood. He saw the sins, the hurts, the sicknesses, and the bondage we were in. He saw when Satan stole from us. He saw when Satan wounded us and left us for dead, but God didn’t allow us to die. He spoke to us while we were in our mess and commanded us to live. Like the Good Samaritan, He came to where we were, bound up our wounds and took care of us.

It doesn’t matter what the thief has done to you, what people have done to you or what you have done to yourself. There were things that happened to you even as a child and those things were designed to block and hinder you from becoming who God created you to be, but it will not work. It doesn’t matter who tried to stop you. It doesn’t matter who laid the stone. Today, the stone is being removed in your life and God is calling you, Lazarus, to come forth – out of your blood, out of your hurts, out of your sin, and out of your past.

When Jesus told the people to remove the stone from where Lazarus was laid, the first thing his sister said was ‘Lord, by this time he stinks. He’s been dead for four days’. Before you became dead to sin, you were dead in sin and people passed you by. No one wanted anything to do with you. No one wanted to come near you because of the stench of sin. They saw the state you were in, but refused to help you come out of your condition.

When people haven’t done what you’ve done or been where you’ve been, they tend to lack compassion. Unlike the priest and Levite, Jesus showed compassion towards people because He was at all points tempted as they were. The only difference is Jesus didn’t sin. The devil wants you to think that you are in this thing by yourself – that no one has been where you are, but there is nothing you are facing now that Jesus hasn’t already faced. Not only did He face it, but He defeated it on your behalf.

Jesus was there before you got there.

Notice that it wasn’t Jesus who took away the stone. He asked the people that were standing by to remove the stone. Jesus didn’t loose Lazarus. He told the people to loose him and let him go. You have been taken advantage of, deceived, laughed at and messed over long enough. Today, God is sending the right people who will help to loose you from your grave clothes and let you go into the future that He has created for you.

No longer will you be overlooked or passed by.

Help is coming.

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