Bring Them to Jesus

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When you intercede on the behalf of others, you are bringing them to Jesus to be healed. You are like the four men that went on the rooftop and uncovered the roof where Jesus was to get the paralytic man to Him. They tried to go through the door (in the natural), but they had to go up higher (in the spirit) so that this man could receive his healing.

There are people who have given up and walked away from God, who are blinded by the god of this world and don’t know that they need to be healed, who think that God doesn’t love them because of all the things they have done and who are having a hard time forgiving themselves or receiving God’s forgiveness. They have not realized that they don’t have to stay in the condition they are in, that God loves them and if they confess their sins, God will forgive them and heal them. Not everybody wants to live in the pigpen, but it’s just that they are not in their right mind and it’s our job to pray for them until they come to their senses like the prodigal son.

Everything you see today was created by what we cannot see. The prayer of faith creates and causes things to exist that didn’t exist before. The problem is that when we don’t SEE the change in people, we stop praying. We walk by sight rather than by faith.  We pray to God because He can do what we are asking, but when it seems like nothing is happening, we try to do God’s job, but this only brings disappointment, hurt and anger. Allow the same One who saved and delivered you to save and deliver them.

At one time, we were like the people we are interceding for. We didn’t want God and we didn’t want to live right. It took time – many years for some of us – to make up our mind and follow Christ.

The best thing you can do for a person is to love them. That’s what Christ did. He loved us to the Father. He didn’t nag us and He didn’t fuss or fight with us. It was His love that drew us. Some of you may not be on speaking terms with the individual(s), but no matter how distant you may be with that friend or family member, your prayers can still reach them.

Don’t let the devil fool you. This is how you know that your prayers are working:

  1. When the individual(s) you are praying for start acting out and it seems like they are going from bad to worse.
  2. When the Lord sends a word and let you know that something great is about to happen, but instead of a comeback, you experience a setback.

When Jesus cursed the fig tree, the disciples heard it (Mark 11:14), but they didn’t see what Jesus said until the morning. Mark 11:20 tells us that the fig tree was dried up from the roots. The moment Jesus cursed the fig tree, it was cursed. The problem is we’re still looking at the leaves when the actual change took place at the roots (what you cannot see).

Don’t worry and pray and don’t stop praying based upon what you can or cannot see. The change is taking place, but you can’t see it on the outside because it’s an inward work. The enemy wants you to give up before you can receive the answer to your prayers, but believe that God heard you the first time and the moment you prayed, it happened.

The scripture doesn’t tell us the relationship between the four men and the paralytic man that they carried. I don’t even know if they knew this man, but I do know this one thing: They were healed and all they wanted was to see this man healed, too. This is how we should be. Someone prayed for you. Now pray for someone else.

Bring them to Jesus.

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