“But I Know”

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Have you ever felt like God was taking too long to answer your prayer? Have you ever been mad or disappointed with God because He didn’t move when you thought He should move? 

When Mary and Martha sent word to Jesus letting Him know that the one He loved was sick, He didn’t move immediately. He stayed in the same place two days longer and by the time He arrived to Judea, Lazarus had been in the tomb for four days. When Martha saw Jesus, she said, “If You had been here, my brother would not have died”. This is the same Martha that Jesus said was anxious and troubled about many things (Luke 10:41).

Mary and Martha said that Jesus loved his brother, but when Jesus didn’t come when they thought He should, Martha was disappointed. Despite Lazarus being in the tomb for four days and being sad that he was gone, Martha chose to think on what she knew about Jesus. She said, “But I know that even now, whatsoever you will ask of God, God will give it to you”.

The reason why you worry is because you don’t know or understand how much God loves you. You don’t know how much He cares for you because you care too much about the things of the world. You’ve heard about what He has done for others, but you’re not sure if He will come through for you. If you really knew how much Jesus loves you, then you would know that He loves you enough not to let you remain in your condition. Sometimes people feel that God doesn’t love them because He won’t give them what they want, but the reason why God won’t give you what you want is because He loves you.

Philippians 4:6 tells us not to be anxious about anything, but to pray about everything. Most of us don’t have a problem praying, but we have a problem waiting. We should be at a place in our lives where we know that God hears us when we pray and whatever we ask according to His will, He will give it to us.

There is a difference between a need and a want. A need is something that one must have. A want is a desire to have something, but it may not be necessary to have. A lot of things we call a need is actually a want. One morning, God was talking to me about my ‘need’. He first asked how long had I been without the thing I was praying for. Then, He told me that if I was doing okay without it, that it really wasn’t a need.

In John 2, Jesus and his disciples were invited to a wedding. They ran completely out of wine and they needed more. Mary told the servants, “Whatsoever he (Jesus) tells you to do, do it”. If you have a need in your life, it is not because God hasn’t done His part. It is because you refuse to do your part. You must do what God is telling you to do. The servants couldn’t make wine with just water, but when they used what they had (waterpots and water), Jesus changed the water into wine – not the servants. They just obeyed the One who was able to change their situation.

Whatever it is you’re facing at this present time, keep reminding yourself that the devil’s plan is to harm you, but God’s plan is to prosper you. God cares for you and He’s not going to withhold no good thing from those who are walking in Him.

Sometimes it looks and feels like nothing is happening in your life, but don’t focus on what you see and what you feel. Trust in what God told you. Trust in what you know. That’s what Martha did. Don’t let your situation tell you how it’s going to be. You tell your situation what it’s going to be. Tell it what God said because it has to obey the word of God.

We don’t walk by sight. What looks dead in your life is only sleeping. It is not unto death. Hebrews 4:12 tells us that the word is alive and full of power so even if your situation seems dead, speak the living word over it. The word of God has never met a condition that it could not change.

Learn about who Christ is by spending time with Him through prayer and reading scriptures so that when you face difficult times, you can say, “But I know”.

Hold on to what you know.



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