Don’t Change Your Confession

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I had been out of school for eight years and now I was going back to school.

Before school started, I decreed and declared that I would not make less than a B in my classes.

It was almost time for classes to begin. I went to orientation, took my ID picture and purchased books for my classes. I had learned some things in my classes, but now it was time to be tested on what I learned. I made a B on my midterm in one class, but I failed the midterm in another class. Fortunately, I wasn’t the only one. Before the midterm, the classroom was full. After midterm, half of the students in my class dropped out. I spoke to my professor and explained how long I had been out of school, but that I was determined not to quit. My professor told me that it was possible to pass his class despite failing the midterm, but he explained that I had to put in a lot of work. There were only two exams for this class, a midterm and a final, but there were two assignments that I had to complete and he also graded us based upon our attendance in class. I only missed one class, I completed my assignments and now it was time to prepare for my final. The final exam was going to be a bit like the midterm so I knew what to expect. I studied hard and when the day to take my final came, I was so confident that I passed.

In the meantime, I kept checking my grades online. One day, I checked my grades and so far I had a B (my final grade was pending). I got so excited that my eyes got full, but I was at work at the time so I had to keep it together. I was so proud of myself. However, my final grade was a C+.

I know you’re wondering how did I go from a B to a C+. Well, let me tell you what I did…

I changed my confession. The moment I found out that I failed my midterm, I got scared that I would fail the class and I said, ‘If I can just make a C, I’ll be happy’. I allowed that one moment to change my confession instead of allowing my confession to change that moment.

Hebrews 10:23 reads, “Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering for he is faithful that promised”.

  1. When God tells you to hold fast to what He has given you, it’s because there is someone who desires to take it away from you. No matter what you’re going through, don’t allow the pressures of life cause you to give up what God gave you. It belongs to you.
  2. Profession is another word for confession. It is the act of declaring or saying something openly. Confess with your mouth what you believe in your heart. Declare what you believe. Declare what you want to see. That’s faith.
  3. The word, wavering, means to be firm and unmoved. Sometimes the things we go through tempt us to move, to quit and to give up, but don’t let what you see or how you feel move you. Don’t move, but allow the word to move (run) very swiftly in your life.
  4. The reason why God wants you to hold on to the word He gave you is because it shall come to pass. If He said it, then that means it will happen. He is faithful that promised.

If you are in Christ Jesus and He is in you, no one has to take you to the King. The King is already in you. Now the King wants you to reign as a king in life (Romans 5:17). When a king speaks, what he/she says cannot be changed. When he/she decrees a thing, it will be established. Just like Samuel, the Lord will not let none of your words fall to the ground, but don’t change your confession.

Whatever you were saying before the test, continue to say it while you’re being tested. Don’t let your situation change your confession, but let your confession change your situation. Be consistent.

Don’t change your confession!

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