I’m Still Growing

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As a young child, nothing was ever explained to me. Maybe my dad and grandmother didn’t know how to communicate well. Maybe their parents were to them what they were to me. Maybe they thought I wouldn’t understand because I was just a child. I had a lot of questions as most children do, but if they didn’t want to talk about it, they would ignore my questions. For this reason, I felt alone, rejected and I learned to keep my feelings to myself.

It’s mind-boggling how you can learn words and learn how to use them in sentences, but still struggle to communicate effectively with others. I remember one day (as an adult), my dad was trying to talk to me. I don’t know if I was having a bad day or if I was frustrated about something, but I remember being very short with him and the Spirit of God told me ‘All you had to do was tell him what was wrong, but the CHILD in you wouldn’t let you’.

A baby cries or yells because it is unable to express itself with words. Adults, on the hand, can express themselves through words, but choose to conduct themselves as children.

My prayer to God this week is to help me put away childish things. I don’t want to speak, understand or think as a child. I need to grow up so that I’ll be ready to receive what He’s ready to give me.

Let me give you a good example of what I’m talking about. If you know God is going to give you a spouse, you must also know that He wants to give you someone that is mature and a mature person doesn’t want to marry a child. He/she wants to marry another mature person.

Here are just a few signs of immaturity:

  1. You give the ‘silent treatment’. You are able to speak, but to show that your feelings were hurt, you choose to say nothing.
  2. You intentionally hurt someone to ‘get back’ at them.
  3. When you’re angry, you physically or verbally abuse the individual.
  4. You blame others for your problems.
  5. You refuse to apologize or to accept an apology.
  6. In a marriage, you withhold sex from your spouse as some sort of punishment.

I’m not ashamed to tell anyone that there are certain areas of my life where I need to grow up and neither should you.  If you will confess it, God will heal it. Just like David, learn to be honest with God and acknowledge your wrongs. When you do this, it’s a sure sign that you are growing up.

Remember that God is very patient with us and we can grow in His grace. 

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