Show Me Your Heart

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This was only a test.

God told Abraham to take the one he loved and offer him as a burnt offering. The priests were allowed to keep portions for themselves for most of the offerings and sometimes the one offering the sacrifice could keep a portion of the meat, but with the burnt offering, neither the priest nor the one making the sacrifice could partake of the meat because God wanted it all.

It may not make sense why God would ask Abraham to sacrifice something that was promised to him and something he had waited for, but you don’t have to understand what God is doing in order to obey Him. Abraham knew God enough to know that if his son died that God would raise him from the dead (Heb 11:19). He obeyed God because He trusted God and because he trusted God, God could now trust him.

This test showed where Abraham’s heart was. God knew that if Abraham didn’t obey him in this, he wouldn’t obey him in anything else He asked and God knew based upon what Abraham did (not what he said) that Abraham loved and feared Him.

Although I honor God with my tithes and offerings, there were other areas in my life where I robbed Him. I would give that which only belonged to God to someone else and because of fear, I buried my talent, but after reading about Abraham’s obedience, I repented to God for giving Him parts of me and not all of me.

When God gave His Son, He gave all and He gave His only. He did not give us parts and because God has given us all of Him, He expects us to give Him all of us. Give up what you love the most and show God how much you love Him. God doesn’t want your sacrifice. He doesn’t want your excuses. He wants your obedience because that is better.

Father, give us a heart after Your heart. 

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