It’s Not Always What It Looks Like

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When there is no storm, all houses look the same, but when a storm comes, you see how different they really are.

In Matthew 7:24-27, Jesus tells the parable of two builders.

Notice that the storm didn’t come while the builders were building. God had allowed them enough time to build it right.  Too many times as Christians, we are concerned about how we look outwardly rather than how we look inwardly. We are more concerned about gifts rather than character, but it’s not your gift that needs to be built. It’s your character that needs building.

Just as Noah was given instructions on how to build the ark and Moses was given instructions on how to build the tabernacle, I’m sure these two builders were given instructions on how to build their houses. The instruction comes from God’s mouth to your ears, but eventually it must reach your hands. We have a responsibility to do something with the word that God gave us. That was the downfall of the foolish builder. He heard the same word that the wise builder heard, but he didn’t do what the Word said. Neither builder knew that a storm was coming, but not knowing when a storm is coming is not an excuse not to prepare for one.

Everyone was able to see the clean windows, the green grass, and the beautiful flowers, but the important part of the house was hidden – the foundation. Jesus tells us that the foundation for every believer is ‘My words’ (vs 24) and these words should be hidden in our hearts.  

What God requires of us takes time. You can’t rush this process. It takes time to build and it takes time to grow and mature in the word.

So don’t compare your life to others and get discouraged by how things look right now. What you are doing for God is not a waste of time for in a little while, what you have been doing and/or saying in secret will be revealed in public. 

One thought on “It’s Not Always What It Looks Like

    bdubbleyou said:
    June 3, 2014 at 11:36 am

    Good stuff

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