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Temple taxes were due and according to Mark 6:8, the disciples were commanded not to take money in their purses on their journey so Peter didn’t have money, but Jesus knew where the money was. First, Jesus told Peter to ‘go’ to the sea. To get what you need, you have to know where to go. Next, Jesus told him to cast a hook. Now Peter knew how to fish. He was a professional fisherman, but Jesus taught him how to catch fish a different way. Nets were always mentioned in the bible when fishing. In fact, that’s what Peter left when he followed Jesus, but to get something he never had, he had to do something he never did. If Peter had used a net, he would have caught a lot of fish, which means he would have had to try and figure out which fish had money in its mouth and God doesn’t want His children to be confused or uncertain about anything. Just like God commanded the ravens to feed Elijah, He commanded the fish to swallow a coin and to go to the place where Peter would be fishing. When Peter opened the fish’s mouth, he only got what he needed for that day. This is proof that God will give you your daily bread. The last thing Jesus told Peter was to take and give. He didn’t tell him to take and spend or take and squander. God provides seed for sowing, not for eating (2 Cor 9:10). God gave His first and only Son (Seed) and in return He received many sons. When we give our first, we will get a return also. It won’t always be in the form of money. It may be a family member receiving healing, protection of your children or a loved one receiving salvation, but there will be a return.

Notice that Jesus didn’t pay the tax for Peter. Neither did the money fall from the sky. Peter had to do something and then God provided what He needed. Peter used his gift (fishing) and his gift made room.

God doesn’t want you worrying about how your bills are going to get paid. Seek God because HE knows where the money is. There are hidden riches in secret places (Isaiah 45:3).

Every miracle comes with instructions, but you must follow the instructions in order to receive the miracle. Like Peter, you will find money, but you must follow the first command and ‘go’.

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